Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Most Read Blog Posts of All Time & My Favorites!


My goal for January is to post at least 31 new blog entries... or a post a day. I don't expect to post everyday, I just have to post more than one post to make up for days that I DON'T post. Since I have taken a long hiatus I have plenty of material to write about.

I was just going over old posts and looking at views. I was surprised by how many views some of my posts received and dismayed that some of my favorite entries (or at least topics) didn't receive more. So here goes

TOP VIEWED ENTRIES                                                                                                         VIEWS
1. DIY QUAIL CAGE UNDER $35                                                                                           765
2. DIY DUCK COOP UNDER $20                                                                                            383
3. OLOGY TOILET PAPER REVIEW                                                                                      279
4. CHEMERICAL DOCUMENTARY REVIEW                                                                      243
5. DIY COUNTERTOPS UNDER $500                                                                                    232
6. TILED SHOWER FLOOR VS PREFAB SHOWER PAN                                                    230
7.  DIY DUCK COOP EXPANSION (Duck Coop Under $55)                                                 197
8.  GARAGE SALE FINDS II                                                                                                    183
9.  YES TO CUCUMBERS SOOTHING FACE MASK REVIEW                                           127
10. DOLLAR STORE STEALS                                                                                                  102

I love blogging and I'm glad to see that people are reading what I'm writing. I'm trying to expand my audience to reach more people so if you like any of my entries than please consider subscribing or sharing!

I also wanted to share with you all MY favorite posts (or subjects since I haven't read these since I wrote them).

1971 Cost of Living, are we worse off now
Green Roofs
Food Inc. a review of a must see documentary
Tiny House Movement
Yard Sale Finds
Yard Sale Finds II
Natural Cheap Dog Chew
Does being eco friendly mean spending more
100 Mile Diet Book Review
Fresh Documentary Review
Top 10 dangerous chemicals in personal care products
Bag It Documentary Overview
Chemerical Documentary Review
No Impact Man Documentary Review
What you didn't know: Recycling Plastics

I also love my DIY house remodel blog entries (I'm behind on posting some of those, and my projects LOL).

If you notice a trend you will see that my favorites have MANY documentaries in them. I loved all of these documentaries and learned so much from them... I also found them all on Netflix and they are all about green living. I would highly recommend them but I know not everyone likes documentaries which is why I posted reviews that are kind of like summaries of them. I learned SO much from them and they encourage me to change for the better.

I noticed that just because they are my favorites don't mean they got the most views, and some barely got any views... kind of disappointing since these are mostly to do with green living, which helps all of us (do you want smog in your city? Chemicals in your water supply?).

If you read any please don't be afraid to tell me what you think. If your a blogger I would love to know if you have the same thing going on (where your favorites aren't necessarily the ones other people choose to read).