Friday, January 2, 2015

New Years Resolutions


I'll confess, in general I bash New Year's resolutions. New Year's is jut another day afterall isn't it? Couldn't we make new day resolutions, new week resolutions, new month? Maybe we should make "resolutions" more often to try to improve ourselves, rather than just at the start of a new year, I think that is why I generally pretend not to subscribe... then I get caught up in the excitement!

Here goes, my "New Years Resolutions":
1. BE Healthier (More water, exercise, and healthier food)
2. Enjoy a date night with my husband at least once a month
3. Grow a Garden
4. Walk our dogs regularly!
5. Budget better with our money
6. Simplify
7. Get a job that gives me experience in a field I'm interested in
8. Make plans for my bachelors degree
9. Learn to play the piano
10. Get more hobbies/involved

My husband and I have always talked about being healthier, especially when we have a child! I have never subscribed to the do as I saw and not as I do philosophy because your child wants to be just like you!

Date Night is important to keep the romance alivve so I want to make sure we do that regularly!

Growing a garden is something I have always wanted to do for multiple reasons! One to save money (do you know how much organic produce goes for?), two for taste (it tastes better when it naturally ripens on the vine and isn't in transit for a couple days), three for a hobby, and four for eating healthy!
Four is pretty self explanatory. I love our pets, and its easy to take them for granted and consider my wants more than theirs but regular walks are good for all of us!

Five isn't something I'm failing at. I regularly put money aside for savings, but there is also things that pop up. We need gutters, our dogs need shots, we are planning a vacation, we are planning replacing flooring... Things cost money! I'm trying to keep costs low on groceries etc to save more!

Simplifying is something huge. I love the environment and I'm not high maintenance... that being said I think its easy to get off track and forget the simple things!

I realize adding get a job makes me sound like a bum but I was lucky enough to not have to juggle school and work. I just finished my associates and am taking some time off to try different careers to be sure what I want to major in before spending time on a degree I might not be interested in.

8 ties in with 7, but its not exclusive. I also want a plan so I can get my bachelors with minimal debt. So far I have NO debt on my associates )

Playing the piano is something I have ALWAYS wanted to learn how to do. I took lessons for about a month as a child until I moved and I loved it. I have always wanted to get back into it.

As far as number 10... don't we all want more fun things to do? There are many things I enjoyed doing at some point in my life that I find I just don't do anymore... I want to change that!

Alright, enough about me. What is YOUR New Years Resolutions?