Saturday, January 31, 2015

Spring Cleaning: Closet Update


At the first of the month I said I was turning all my hangers around and taking out clothes based on the hangers that stayed turned around. To be honest, so far I have taken out more of my hubby's clothes than mine. My plan is to get rid of anything March 1st that is still on a turned around hanger. I know, your mouth is agape with shock and awe!

Why am I waiting until I don't wear clothes for a whole THREE months before getting rid of them?
1. I am trying to lose weight, honestly I might wait a little longer than three months if I'm close to fitting into them by march, if I haven't dropped considerable weight by then most of them go though!
2. There are things I'm keeping that are occasion only clothes, like business dress or dressy clothes that you would wear on a nice date or to somewhere FANCY!
3. I don't want to get rid of it, just to rebuy something similar after my purge... I still want choices, just not so many, I want to focus on quality over quantity which being frugal to me quality is just clothes I really like over things I feel just meh about!
4. It's HARD. I'm far from a hoarder, which is why I'm doing this... but it isn't easy, I went through my closet a month before I turned hangers around so I've already gotten rid of some, then more a week ago and more today!

My closet will never look like this^. A. We don't share the same style, and I'm not knocking the blogger at all by making that statement! B. It will NEVER be this sparse, I pack this much for a short vacation!

My goal at the beginning of march is simply to have less in my closet. I'll be happy if I cut the number of items in my closet by 1/3, I think it is a realistic goal (especially since I got rid of things before I started blogging about this)... I have MUCH higher goals for my mother though, who has filled a walk in closet with her clothes and has overflow in other rooms SMH!

What about you, how many clothes do you have?