Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Garage Sale Finds Day II


I recently posted a blog about great finds when I stopped at a yard sale in my neighborhood on my way home from the store. The next day I decided to go out yard saling with my mom to see what other great bargains we could find. I have taken some pretty bad pictures of my finds, however they were pretty awesome!
The elephant was a lamp, however it was broken so I plan to use it as a candle holder, it was .75. The vases? were only $1.50 for both and they are gorgeous. I paid $2 for the larger decorative ornament. 
All of the vases pictured were yard sale finds, they were .50 each!
I paid $3 for the center piece here! I love it, it is one of my favorite finds! You could spend more for just the decorative balls without the center holder. I paid .50 for the little knick knack box and $1.50 for the candle holder with the leaves on it!
Pictured above are an abundance of NEW clinique products! I paid only .25 for many of clinique products. For $2 I got a $52 dollar youth renewal Clinique product! I also paid only $1 for the Clinique powder which was my color! I spent $2 a piece on the brand new mens razors! I got both perfume and nailpolish for .25! I got physicians formula concealor again in my color for $1. Then spent .50 on the Almay! Again all NEW except the eye makeup remover (pictured), which I figured would be fine!
At one yard sale we found the first two seasons of Ceasar Milan the Dog Whisperer. I'm a big fan of him, having dogs I'm training. These were both new, one was completely wrapped still. We paid $5 for both! I also bought the books for just .50 a piece!

I HATED garage sales as a child. I thought it made us poor or seem poor that my mom went to yard sales. As and adult I LOVE garage sales now! Spending less money on things doesn't make me poor, in fact, it means I have more money because I'm spending less while still getting these great items!

What are your thoughts on yard sales and what are your favorite buys, if your a shopper?

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