Saturday, January 25, 2014

Green Roofs


I have long loved the idea of green roofs, cohabitating with nature. I won't go as far as to try to DIY install one on our new house, but I do want to do green roofs on the dog houses (when we build them)! From what I have read green roofs keep the temperatures cooler in the structure which makes them ideal for urban areas where the pavement causes the area to retain heat.

Clover's dog houseMy favorite green dog roof is from (pictured on the left) there is also a similar one on (pictured above), unfortunately neither shows how to build them.I realize the angles in the pictures aren't perfect to see the vegetation growing rooftop but there will be more pictures on other non doggy green roofs to illustrate that point!

I am also interested in having poultry so I have been researching different breeds, what they are best used for, care, feed, and most of all coops. Although you can buy coops I plan on us making our own so I wanted to get an idea on design, materials, how to, etc. Greenroofs are an option on coops too, and one that has been well played. It seems that chicken folk are the
gardening type! has so my favorite one (so far) pictured to the left. I love the colors in the coop its bright and cheerful, although I would pick different colors for my yard!

Its proven that plants improve air quality which seems to be a problem now with so many children and adults diagnosed with asthma. I have also seen a couple documentaries that have tested various peoples air quality in their house and found that it was not conducive to good health.

My last two points in favor of green roofs would be maximizing your space, and being able to grow your own food to eat healthy (sure you could grow flower instead...)

I will post pictures of our attempts to construct not only dog houses but green roof dog houses. You will have to be patient though, that project won't be for a couple months so check back, as always feel free to soundoff below!