Monday, July 1, 2013

Organix Acai Berry Avacado Shampoo Review


I first used the Cherry Blossom Ginseng Organix shampoo and after being happy with that one I decided to try another one of the Organix shampoos: Acai Berry Avacado. Well the Cherry Blossom claims to be rejuvinating the Acai is nutritional, I'm not sure what the difference between the two is supposed to be... however I think I personally prefer the scent of the Acai Berry, although they are both very pleasant.

I am one of several people who shampoo their hair everyday! This is bad for your hair and I don't recommend it having been told off by several of my hair dressers for this practice, however I do have oily hair and I can't stand to see it looking greasy so I wash it every day out of necessity. If you have oily hair like me there is hope, there is dry shampoo and if you stop shampooing every day your scalp will eventually adapt and cut back on the oil production! I haven't been able to withstand the adaptation period however...

Organix doesn't leave my hair dry whether I use conditioner in addition to the shampoo or not. My hair is also not oily, however I have noticed that some days it does seem a little flat... whether thats my cut, my hair, or the shampoo I can't say since I have been growing my hair out and that of course can change how it lays and looks!

Overall I would recommend this product. I think its a great choice and more eco friendly than regular shampoos. It is for sale at Walgreens, and you can find out more about how environmentally friendly it is by reading my earlier review of the Cherry Blossom Organix Shampoo! I plan on trying several more of the shampoos from their line. The Acai Berry Shampoo has my favorite scent in the organix line that I have smelled so far, and is giving me a good result.

You can expect a review of the Awapuhi Ginger Shampoo and Conditioner very soon! It is the next organix set that I am trying, I will also be reviewing the Cherry Blossom Ginseng Conditioner. I stocked up on a few of the shampoo and conditioners during a buy one get one free sale!