Friday, January 9, 2015

Kroger Haul (Pet!)


Let me preface by saying I like Kroger... this is not a sponsored blog post, although I wish it was cause cha-ching but no such luck getting Kroger to give me money, or free groceries! I'm just saying, I'd take either!

As you can see on my receipt I saved $19.22 by their calculations. The area I saved the most on in this trip was definitely pet supplies so I'll calculate my savings here:
Item                                      My Cost:                       Retail:
5 Dingo Mini Chk 7.5         $1.49                              $5.38
Dingo Ckn Strip                  $1.99                              $3.99
Nylabone M                        $1.50                              $4.99
Nylabone L                         $1.99                              $9.89
Canine Prime  Pork             $2.19                              $4.29

SAVINGS: $35.95

I didn't JUST get pet things either! I got some fresh produce on sale (blueberries, cantelope, potatoes, apples). Some marked down rye bread (1.39), some clearance toll-house brownies (.49)... Marked down ELSA Christmas Paper (1.20/roll), and marked down Christmas Kisses (1.20 per bag)!

My only regret is I didn't consider the animal shelter when I stumbled across these good deals! I didn't think of them until I got home, so looks like my pups are sharing!