Friday, October 4, 2013

Yard Sale Finds


Today on my way home I saw my neighbor was having a yard sale. I don't go out "yard sailing" as some people do... my mom and aunt being in that group, however I'm not to go to yard sales either. Since this one seemed rather large I decided to stop by, and I'm glad I did.

When I stop at yard sales I am looking for a few things: antiques, dog toys, dog supplies, art work, books!

Today I spent $12.00 at this yard sale and I bought:
  1. Dog Kennel SM
  2. (3) Dog Halloween Costumes
  3. LG Dog Halloween Bandana
  4. (4) Books
    • Chicken Soup for the Cat and Dog Lovers Soul
    • Chicken Soup for the Pet Lovers Soul
    • Chicken Soup for the Soul
    • Mary Higgins Clark- Midnight is my time
  5. Elvis Calender from 2011? still wrapped in plastic
  6. Teddy Bear on Raindeer Musical Holiday Decoration
  7. Rocking Santa Musical
  8. Small Santa Stocking Stuffer
  9. Christmas Tree Plushie
  10. Stewie
  11. (2) Picture Frames

The Kennel I bought is the smaller one on the left (pictured above)! It is for my little dog Nina (not pictured). I constructed it wrong so the door goes inwards but its just a project for my hubby when he comes home, and luckily Nina is small enough the inwards door doesn't cause an issue!

IMG_3519.jpgThe doggie costumes were bought for a shelter nearby! They are currently at max capacity and that means euthinization if homes can't be found. Some creative volunteers or workers came up with the idea of a costume contest for the dogs. This allows the dogs to get more attention and lets be honest they just look so adorable in costume! The skull frilly dress is getting some dogs and cats rehomed I bet! Finding these costumes for under $1 each allows me to make a difference. Every animal rehomed from a shelter saves two lives, the rehomed animals and the animal that takes its place at the shelter! I am super thrilled to have found these and be able to provide them to the shelter!
Shadow my dog with the bandana looks amazing right =) His bandana was .10! Happy Halloween =)

The books are not pictured, I provided the title and they are in good condition. I paid .50 each for them which is a great way to add to my library... and given my dogs history of chewing up books I won't go completely nuts if he gets a hold of them!

Naked Stewie is a halloween plushie I bought as a cheap dog toy for my dogs. As you can see they already stripped his diaper off. Dog toys in my house last 3 days max so I don't mind buying them plushies at yard sales on the cheap!
Last but not least are my Christmas Decorations. Being newly married and having lived with my husband for less than two years without children we had NONE. I love Christmas and decorating and the lights, but with a puppy in the house and knowing we were spending Christmas with family we didn't have a problem not having decorations. Finding these for $1 each or less was GREAT... unfortunately my mom is already trying to get me to give them to her, and the small Santa is a stocking stuffer. By Christmas I'll be lucky if we have 2 =)

Shopping at yard sales is a good way to save money, pick up unique or antique items, be eco friendly (reuse), and have fun! Have you been to a yard sale lately and got some great finds? Sound off in the comment section =)

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