Thursday, June 1, 2017

New House Projects


I know I promised I would try to do more posts... but life as I know it has been crazy ya'll.
We closed on our new house in April. We spent the first two weeks of April making sure everything was good with closing and fixing the problems that arose, and the last two packing, moving, appliance shopping, cleaning and painting!

We bought a foreclosure, and ya'll we are in for some work!

Day 1 began with the removal of the carpet. I was NOT going to allow my baby to be on it even with shoes, and as bad as it was I didn't want to be on it either!

We literally had/have to sanitize EVERY surface in this house. I never knew kitchen cupboards could be so dirty... not to mention the scum line on the tile near the wall in the kitchen that has to be scrubbed/scraped because mopping won't do the trick, or the bathtubs covered in a layer of filth, or the vent that is full of lint!?

I wiped down all the walls prior to painting as they were disgusting too. I decided to go with Sherwin Williams Repose Grey, and went during one of their 40% off sales.
-I would not recommend them. I had to wait an hour with my baby there for my paint to be made, and they made the wrong paint which cost me extra when I had to go back for more of the Super-paint rather than the Cashmere I had ordered... More than the issues at the store is the quality, I didn't find it superior to other paints I had bought in the past at Home Depot yet even at 40% off it was more expensive; The paint separates rather quickly and is hard to remix at home as well.
We bought a spray painter as we were repainting all the walls and removing the floor in a large percentage of the house. The spray painter did make the paint go on a LOT faster, and looked great at first but no matter how tempted you might be ALWAYS back-roll the last coat. There are areas that I can't tell if its just the light hitting the wall or if the coat is uneven and if you are spraying a lighter color its hard to tell exactly where you are spraying!!
Ceiling Paint should be flat! I got some over-spray on the ceiling and decided to just go with it and coat the whole ceiling but no matter how careful and meticulous I tried to be, it was NEVER even. I even rolled and I can still see flaws. I am going to have to repaint the whole ceiling in every bedroom!

We had new carpet installed with hypoallergenic pad in all the bedrooms, unfortunately we had the carpet installed after I had painted the ceilings but before they had dried to show their hideous I have to cover the new carpets (and furniture) when the ceilings are repainted.

Other than cleaning, painting, and carpeting we haven't made much progress. We recently got our flooring for the living room and hallway delivered, and we got the tile in front of our door up. Now I'm trying to find the best way to remove the mortar and make the concrete nice and smooth for our new Luxury vinyl flooring. According to the flooring guys it is the floor of the future as it is very durable and stands up to dog nails, kids, and water better than any other option on the market.

Last weekend the progress made was mostly outside. The bank had the lawn mowed regularly but their yard guy didn't touch a large section of overgrowth in the back of a side yard we referred to as "the jungle". It was 3" tall and now we have got it to "almost mowable". Hedge trimmers are great for over growth of all kinds! I also fixed our boxhedge and cut down a bush by our mailbox to make it look more managed! I LOVE hedge trimmers!

There is a LONG list of future projects, I'm hoping we can knock them out fairly quickly. I'm planning to hire a babysitter to watch my lo in another room in my house while I'm working on projects just so I can get something done! We are also looking for a handyman for some of the projects we don't want to handle so hopefully we can find a local one as good as the one we have where we moved from!

Hopefully I can post pictures soon, and hopefully some before and afters before to long!