Monday, April 22, 2013

Eco Friendly and Cheap solution for steam cleaner


Hey Guys,
If your anything like me then you care about the environment and you like saving money. Who wants to pay retail when you can get the same product or the same results for less?
I just moved into a new house. My husband left for basic and we decided it would be better if I was closer to my family since he will be gone for most of the year with basic and then his tech school. This new town house is much bigger than our old apartment, however I shouldn't call it new. The town house is new to us but it has seen better years. When we viewed it the house was dirty and the carpets were dirty and stained, we put down a deposit and told her we would move in the following month after being assured that it would be cleaned, carpets steam cleaned, yard done, and all ready by the move in day. Well take it from me, get anything your landlord tells you in writing!
I moved into a filthy house and wouldn't even unpack until I cleaned the area first! The carpets were also dirty and while I'm not Martha Stewart my house is far from disgusting; and while I might be slightly exaggeration the condition of the house on move in other peoples dirt and grime I find repulsive. I think we can all agree that we would rather be in our unclean house then move into a random unclean house who you have no idea who the previous residents where. They could have athletes feet, lice, and all kind of grossness attached!
I love running around barefoot so having clean floors matters to me. I have had my moms steam cleaner since I got my husband the puppy he wanted for a wedding gift. Needless to say with a puppy we needed the steam cleaner. I think we can all agree that the solution for the steam cleaner is not cheap. I have found a new solution that you can make easily and very cheap at home that works great however.

After researching online eco friendly DIY steam cleaner solutions this is the one I tried that worked great:

Add one cup of vinegar ( I estimated )
Fill the rest of the way up with hot water

Simple, eco friendly, cheap, and efficient. My carpets looked so much better and I didn't really notice a strong vinegar odor. I have read many suggestions but in research I read several times that using detergent or soapy products will cause carpets to get dirty faster since they build up on the carpet. Vinegar is used as clarifying in both your hair and the carpet to get rid of that build up so I assumed it was one of the better options and I got great results.

Whats your favorite DIY solution for your carpet? Sound off below in the comments section!