Friday, January 9, 2015

Dollar Tree Grocery Haul


I don't just love to blog, I love to READ blogs (and books and watch vlogs). I found a bunch of people doing haul vlogs and blogs sharing how they are saving money! I have done a couple of these in the past but not for groceries.

I'm planning on taking the Snap Challenge in Febraury... I know, I know ya'll, I said that over a year ago! It is set for Febraury though and I would love other bloggers or vloggers to join me in the challenge! The rules are here and you will be featured in future post about the challenge results!

So I have seen SEVERAL .99 only grocery hauls! Here are my favorites this one from DollarTreeDiaries and this one! Unfortunately I don't have a .99 cents store near me, when I type it in on their website NO locations come up, not even a couple hours away, NOTHING!

I have seen a couple of people posting DollarTree Grocery Hauls that don't have the .99 cents only stores near them. They are NOT the same store, or even close!! If I had a .99 only store I would be doing 90% of my shopping there... anyway without further ado here is my DollarTree trip!

My "grocery haul" included:
Nature's Own Bread                  Retail: $3.49
Jennie O Turkey Franks           less by -.20                  Pretzels                                   Retail $2.99
2 Shredded cheeses                  Retail: $1.49-                                                                 $2.49/ea
Cheese                                      Retail: $2.49
Sargento String Chz                  ?
4 cans evaporated Milk            Retail: $1.69/ea
2 cans Clams                            Retails $2.99/ea
Chicken Broth                          Retails $2.99
Beef Broth                                Retails $2.99
Chex Mix                                 Retails $2.99
Honey Buns                             Retails $1.99
4 cans Oysters                          Retails $1.99/ea
Coffee Syrup                              ?
Sweet Peppers                            $1.49
Ice Cream Bars                         $2.99
Prezels (heat up)                        $2.99
Nacho Cheese                             same
Sausage                                       $2.49
Raman                                        same price
Mixed Veggies                          $1.49
Jr Dippers                                  $1.49
Tater Tots                                   ?

For ALL of this at the regular store I would expect to pay around $55, here I got it for $33! I spent $43 total because I also got a few other things.

Misc Purchases:
2 wall decals ( I'm IN LOVE with the owl decal so I have 3 now LOL, I also got one that says happiness is homemade)
A thing of small containers (for my homemade lipstick)
A Dr. Pepper
Vegetable seeds
2 things of toothpaste
A thing of wax strips ( I was curious and I'll let you know how it goes)

Overall I wouldn't make stopping at the Dollar Tree a regular thing. I saved money in some areas but I also think it is easy to spend EXTRA. Everything is ONLY $1, but $1 adds up! It is great for grabbing groceries for clam chowder though =)

So with DollarTree is NOT the .99 cents only store. Don't see these vlogs or blogs and get overly excited. You can't do your grocery shopping exclusively here or even the majority of it here and be healthy, and you won't be able to find the good brands unless they are in much smaller sizes!