Saturday, January 24, 2015

New Dog Parent Pack, must haves for new dog parents!


I'm a HUGE animal lover, and I have been all my life. I started volunteering about a year ago with a local rescue and I LOVE it! I adopted my FIRST EVER dog Nina around 4 years ago. She had been on a shelters kill list and was saved last minute by a local rescuer, that rescuer would provide a respite of about two weeks, then if she couldn't find a home the dogs were returned to the shelter and put down. Nina was going to be returned and euthanized the next day, she came home with me instead. My husband got his first dog Shadow 2.25 years ago, and we have had a LOT to learn.

Aren't our dogs adorable? I LOVE them. I have learned a lot with both of them, Shadow especially!
Let me just tell ya'll, big dogs are MUCH more work/ harder to control!

I was watching Caesar Milan last night and he would give the adoptive family of a dog a doggy gift pack. Since I started volunteering, last time with my vet I've just been thinking about things I would try to sell to new dog owners. I've seen several articles about the baby must haves so here is a dog version!

My must haves for a new dog owner is:
1. Leather Leash- when a dog pulls than this is awesome, it doesn't chaff your hands etc
2. Collar
3. Prong Collar- make sure you KNOW how to use this properly, you should NOT keep pressure on the leash ever but especially not when using this, and use only when you need it (walks, guests, etc)
4. Dog Tag, in case your dog ever gets out even if it is an inside only and microchipped dog!
5. Ceasar Milan Videos- helpful hints on training your dog
6. Dog toys- get VARIOUS ones, with different types of squekers, some tennis balls, etc
7. Rawhide- this is my FAVORITE type of dog chew, and they are affordable
8. Rabies tags
9. GOOD FOOD- I recommend the green whole earth farms, or Taste of the Wild (the one w/Bison)
10. Grooming Supplies- Shampoo, nail clippers, and a brush (get a cheaper version of the Furminator)
11. Preventative- I get my dogs heartworm from the vet, but you still need flea and tick preventative! I personally use Frontline!
12. Treats- just try to make sure there is nothing TOO high in calories, some treats can be 500 calories!
13. Stainless steel dog bowls (no bpa)
14. Dog food container- a plastic airtight container keeps the food fresher and keeps the nutrients in it longer, just put the food IN the bag IN the container!

Here is my dogs personal stash (not including leashes, collars etc that we keep by the door)