Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Tiny House Stolen


I have blogged on the subject of Tiny Houses before. I love many things about the movement from the cost, the fact many people DIY these homes, how many people reuse materials to make the homes, the organizational aspect of the homes to make them work, the saving of resources (less energy, water, etc).

Tiny houses just seem eco friendly and allowing for simple living. You wouldn't have to work forever to pay this house off, you could build it yourself saving you more money, you can't spend as much because you can't accumulate as much, easier cleaning, possible to move.. there are just SO many benefits.

This movement has been gaining popularity and if you can't tell, I'm a fan.

I just read a story of a man and woman who shared my love of the small house movement... they loved it so much they decided to go for it. The man, Casey Friday, wrote a blog about building his tiny house... and it was STOLEN. I never considered it when reading about tiny houses but since many are built on trailers I imagine it would be quiet easy to hitch one to a truck and take off. 

If your interested in building or buying a tiny home than follow Casey's advice and get "protection" for your home. With this kind of home you need more than just a house lock or an alarm, you need a hitch lock and wheel lock!

Can you believe coming home and your house being gone? Seems like a bad dream, especially when you have put so much time and money into it, and unlike a conventional home you can't make an insurance claim because someone stole your home.