Monday, December 3, 2012

Ology Toilet Paper review


As excited as I was to try the only eco friendly toilet paper option in my area I decided to wait until we made it to the second roll to review it to give it some time. I also had to ask my husband his opinion with the toilet being his throne thing he has going on.... me I'm not very picky on toilet paper, my husband however loves the Charmin tp.

I love the Ology  It's not as soft as Charmin, but it is durable, and green. When I first started looking for an environmentally friendly toilet paper I was looking for recycled content, what I found was sustainable content. The materials used in Ology are virgin, but they are supposed to be harvest responsibly and they are very renewable!

Since Ology was the only eco friendly option for tp in my area that I found I was worried my husband wouldn't like it and I'd be buying various brands online in bulk or doing Walmart site to store even though I detest Walmart! Lucky for me my husband is satisfied with it too, which is saying something. We paid $4.99 for a 12 pack of tp, we got it on sale for $1.50 off the normal price, it's NOT by a long shot one of the most expensive choices! My mother had to mention however, it's not the cheapest either. It's important to think that everything has a cost, whether you pay it in the store or your kids pay it down the line! I choose to pay a little more in the store for the tp rather than pay the hidden costs down the line, or make someone else pay the hidden costs like my child (when I have one).

I give Ology a thumbs up and encourage you and everyone else to try it! Ology is probably a toilet paper that will be seen in my house for a very long time and in fact I'm about to wrap up this blog and text my husband to tell him to pick up another pack while its still on sale!

I would also like to add that my dog gives it a thumbs up! He never ate toilet paper before but seems to love the Ology, and while its a little aggravating since its eco friendly I'm not worried about it harming him! So although a dog treat isn't its intended use Shadow seems to think it makes a great one!

Ology is a Walgreens Brand and to my knowledge is only sold there or at