Friday, January 9, 2015

Budget Cabinet Makeover (In Progress)


I'm a huge fan of budget remodel's. I'm not rich by any means so I hate clicking on a blog or website that says it is a "budget" remodel, only to find their idea of a budget is my whole savings!

For clarification when I say budget I mean that this will cost you about: $15, if you want to splurge than $50!

So let me show you what I have done so far with some before and after shots:

Aren't my before pictures just lovely? These cabinets were GROSS! My top cabinets are actually nice, they have real wood not this cheap particle board. Since I couldn't imagine putting things I would actually use to cook food with on these cabinets I knew I needed to do something about them...

Here is my solution:

As you can tell I'm not 100% finished. I ran short on my paper. I used Magic Cover in Julian which was only $1-$2 a roll, and has an option of adhesive (which I used) or vinyl (which would be good to use in drawers). I only bought 2 rolls and I would say for my kitchen I need 5 to do the bottom shelves which is either $5-$10 depending on where you buy it (DollarTree or Dollar General, I have seen it both places but I'm not sure DollarTree carries Julian in adhesive)... you can also buy it online but its much more expensive!

Now let me tell you about the $50 option inspired from this chica! She is MUCH luckier than me because she has this store called Dollarama which helped her achieve this budget intact!

I LOVE this... but for me those glass jars are $4.29 each at Hobby Lobby, and DollarTree only offers mason jars or other glass jars I wasn't liking. DollarGeneral had some pretty glass jars for $2/each though and I found a great clearance deal online I'm ordering that should give me 8 glass jars in different sizes for $20! Another thing I love about The Social Home Blogstress is she offers the label design shown in the picture FREE just print yours off!

I'll update when I have my jars, and when I have finished my papering =)

Just so you can see again here is a before and after together: