Friday, January 9, 2015

Goodwill Outlet Haul (clothing your babies, and yourself, on a budget!)


Let me preface by saying I in general am NOT a thrift store shopper. They are to expensive for me, usually... If you have read this post than you understand why. I can often get brand new clothes on clearance for cheaper than I can get them at thrift shops!

This store is the one thrift shop I'll shop for clothes...

My trust fund kid best friend actually told me about this place, can you believe it? I was shocked that she had ever entered a thrift store, not because she is uptight or anything like that, just because I don't think her family ever needed to worry about money! When she told me clothes were sold by the lb I was shocked, and intrigued!

My first trip out here was SOME time ago, and while I bought many things, I think I only have maybe 5 of the things I bought (and I bought like $40 worth).

Here is what the inside of the store looks like:
It can get pretty crazy in here, especially on busy days! There are several resellers who come looking for upscale clothing that made its way here competing with the people looking for clothing!! When I walked in today I was dressed up for an interview and got a man yelling at me "Did you bring gloves", you will find you want them, there are used drawers and bra's mixed in with clothes blech!

They also sell electronics, home decor, books, furniture, and decorations.

Anyway here is my haul:

This came in the box with styrofoam and looks like NEW! It came with the plug in and I'm a bit of a nerd so I was super excited to find this... and for a steal!
 It is not the best picture but I was SO elated when I stumbled across this. It is actually a window covering and I think it will be perfect in the future nursery! I was planning to buy a big tree decal or paint a tree on the wall myself but I think this is much easier and the cost was so minimal!
Tree decals for the size I want run around $100, and while I would have tried to paint it on the wall I was a little nervous about my artistic skill!

Let me begin by apologizing... I know it isn't the best picture. After these bad boys are washed I might do some modeling shots to show you the clothes!
 Anyway here is what I got
3 tops
1 dress
1 pair shorts (look brand new)
2 pair of pants (one is maternity jeans from motherhood)

I saw a couple of items in the bins with tags still on them but they weren't for me!

Your probably wondering what I spent!

I told you the type writer was a steal, only $4!

You ready to try your goodwill outlet?

This is NOT a sponsored post, these are my own thoughts... although I'd be more than happy to accept compensation ;)