Thursday, January 15, 2015

My Volunteer Work


I think everyone should volunteer, whether it is time or money! We should all invest in our community and in our world! I chose to volunteer to benefit animals (and the people who love them), K9's in specific.

I have volunteered at an animal shelter walking the dogs, for my local shelter taking pictures of their dogs and cats so they can put them up onlines, and now I work with a rescue. I have fostered two puppies which you will see below and I'm currently processing app's because fostering isn't for my husband!

 This was my first ever foster Keya! She was 2 years old and still hadn't been potty trained, so she peed all over the carpet in our brand new house!

She was SUPER sweet and loving, and SHY! One time when my FIL was over she wouldn't come out of her cage, then I went to get treats to get her out and she had snuck out behind me ninja style!

Sweetest dog, and gorgeous!

To the left is both my dog, and our latest foster Annie! Annie wasn't so sweet at first, she was a biter and wasn't used to being pet, and as a puppy she wasn't potty trained!

She warmed up and quickly decided snuggled up to me on the couch was a good place to be! She also loved playing with me and my other dogs and snuggling with shadow!

If you can't tell, although both dogs had their issues the experience was 100% worth it. These dogs are now both in homes with owners who absolutely ADORE them! These dogs may have needed some training but they were both 100% sweetness!

I'm a little disappointed we won't be fostering again (at least not until I can talk my husband back into it). I won't lie it is HARD work, you have to watch them with EVERYTHING and Keya destroyed her share of my things! That being said it is 100% worth it, rescues save lives! Every life matters, not just our own!
I guess I'm posting this not only to share more about myself, to give you an idea of who I am, but to encourage anyone reading this to do their part to improve their community. 

Where I live my work is important because not enough people spay and neuter so we have an abundance of strays!

Identify a problem in your community and help solve it, whether it is making a community garden, raising funds for homeless, a battered women's shelter, reading to a senior citizen ETC. Together we can make this world a better place!