Friday, January 2, 2015

Projects In Process


Things are kind of crazy right now! Christmas was just around a week ago, I have been sick, and I have been BUSY!
Currently I have SEVERAL projects going on:
1. Painting the bathroom
2. Priming the OTHER bathroom
3. Replacing the light fixture, toilet, mirror, and faucet
4. Painting my bedroom
5. Doing Concrete Countertops in my kitchen
6. Tiling our bathroom

Crazy HuH?

Numbers 3 and 6 won't be started for two more days, and by that time I need to have 1 pretty much completed (other than the area behind the bathroom).

Number 5 is driving me CRAZY! Until I finish staining the countertops and seal them then I can't use them! Can you imagine having no countertops for over a week now? I should probably work faster!!

Look forward to future posts! I will have before and afters, and a how to on concrete countertops!