Saturday, March 23, 2013

Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Face Mask Review


Well I am still a long way from being a super eco chik I have made some changes especially regarding household products to become more eco friendly. One of those changes was with my face masks, an important part of my beauty routine.

Yes to Cucumbers soothing facial mask is not exactly what I'm used to. At no point was there a burning sensation when the mask was on my face and after its removal my face wasn't left with a dried out feeling which I typically get from my facial masks. The Yes to Cucumbers is a soothing line which probably wasn't the best choice for me with my skin type but the only Yes to Line that the Walgreens near me carries. Despite it not being the best choice for my personal skin type, I'm more of a tomato  it is a great product. The  face mask has many naturally occurring calming agents in the formula such as: aloe, cucumbers, vitamin E, and jojoba, it is made from 98% natural products and is free of petroleum, sls, and parabens! My only complaint would be the ingredients aren't listed using vernacular  reading the ingredients list I wouldn't be able to tell that the product is 98% natural. 
Yes To Carrots Logo

About the brand:Yes to has six different lines under the brand. There is yes to cucumbers, carrots, baby carrots, blueberries, tomatoes, and grapefruit! Each line has a different purpose or skin type in mind, which is why I said I am probably more of a tomato. All Yes to products are at least 95% natural and all of their packaging is supposed to be recyclable. They also support local communities and youth with their Yes to Seed Fund which connects children to nature and teaches them how to live a healthier lifestyle. My only disappointment with their brand is I didn't see that they contribute to or use an alternative energy source to make their products.

Ultimately I would recommend this product if you have the right skin type for it. This product is specifically formulated for sensitive skin types, while it won't hurt other skin types it also won't be as effective as the correct yes to product line for your skin type. I paid just $3.74 for my Yes to face mask, again proving that you can be eco friendly on a budget. I also don't go to the stores frequently anymore but I do shop smart, look for sales and clearance. This was on clearance but is originally $15, however if your on a budget I just proved that just because the list price is much more doesn't mean you can't get eco friendly products for much less. 
If you give this or any of the other Yes to brand a try leave your review in the comments section for me and all my viewers! Thank you guys for reading!