Wednesday, April 30, 2014

DIY Duck Coop Expansion (Duck Coop Under $55)


Earlier I did a post "DIY Duck Coop Under $20" (

We loved our welsh harlequins so much that we decided to get some more hens, but this time we are starting out with ducklings so they imprint on us and are even friendlier than the ones we have! Since we are adding more ducks to the flock we needed to expand the coop.... and there were things I wanted to change even if we didn't add any more ducks!

Above is the first duck coop. It was okay but.. it had a dirt floor, the roof wasn't waterproof, we needed a new latch to make it more predator proof, and I wanted to add a window!

It cost us under $20 to build our first duck coop. The expansion of course cost more money

  • Gravel 3 bags at $3 each       $9
  • Concrete 4 bags $2.50 each   $10
  • Hardware cloth  FREE (had it on hand)
  • Tarp $12
  • Latch $1
  • Wood FREE (bought some of it for the original coop and got some free)
That means the cost to expand the coop came to $32, adding that to $20 our new expanded coop is $52 TOTAL!

Here are pictures of construction:

Now here is the completed project... obviously I'm the one taking the pictures cause I'm in NONE lol =)

Money was an issue in building the coop, we don't want the $20 egg I hear about all the time on! Our coop isn't beautiful, but I think a coat of paint will do wonders! I don't mind the look of the roof, especially since we left some of the wood showing! Our ducks also love the coop, they will see us coming out with food and go straight in! I also am sure the ducks like their window, the only change I would make is another window =)