Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tiled Shower Floor Vs. Prefab Shower Pan


When remodeling a bathroom or building your own house with a custom tile walk in shower the answer on flooring for that shower from an asthetic point of view is rather simple. I think it is safe to say that the majority prefer the look of the tiled floor.
These photos quickly show the difference in looks. As far as looks go tiled floor is the way to go, it matches up with the walls whereas the pan stands out in contrasts... but as the saying goes, looks aren't everything.

We don't close on the house for another month so in the mean time I am biding my time reading other fabulous blogs and researching my upcoming DIY projects. In researching tile shower floors I found out there is a problem with them. Tiled shower floors leak, yes even the ones that were "professionally installed". I'm not saying they all leak but even the professionals can mess up the install so I don't want to undertake it, I also don't want to pay a professional and still wind up with a leaky shower.

Leaky showers can cost serious money in repairs, given they can cause water damage to your house. If the base of the tile floor is done wrong that is even more money because you have to start over and pull your tiles up then redo the base. 

For me the simpler and more functional, if not as appealing choice, is the pre-fab. These are just about idiot proof. I have also seen Kohler offers shower pans in various colors so I can avoid the stark contrast.