Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas Gift Flips!


I know many people might find the subject of "flipping" gifts taboo or tacky even. I think we all get swept up in the consumerism of Christmas. I LOVE shopping for others and get super anxious to see them all open their gifts to see if what I chose for them is something they are going to be excited about and love or if it's a dud!

I have a confession to make before we move on. I am a jew, Let me explain, I don't use this word to refer to an ethnicity, or a religion. Me admitting I'm a jew simply refers to my cheap nature! I will spend much more on things for other people than I would ever imagine spending on things for myself!

I learned my frugality from my mother. My mom isn't an extreme couponer or anything crazy, but we shopped sales and clearance growing up and I still do! I hate paying full price, so I might want something but I'll wait for it to go on sale or clearance!

Growing up with my Mom the golden rule of Christmas gifts was always be polite and thankful but if you don't like a gift than return it for something you do want!
                                                       makes sense right?

So here are my flips!

T-Fal Set: $130
MR. Coffee: $20
Makeup: $30
Clothes: $18

Overall I had about $200 worth of things that I got that I decided to trade in.

I feel the need to share that it was 100% MY fault about the first 2 on the list. I asked for a set when I really only needed skillets. I had received a set not long ago and really just use skillets regularly and wanted to replace one that sticks! I also asked for the Mr. Coffee only to have my husband tell me when I received it that he had the EXACT one and it was in our cupboard! I thought he had an old one, not one that you could set to make coffee for you in the morning!

I LOVE amazon! Let me preface with that since everything I exchanged these for so far has come from there! I ordered:
1. Shower Curtain (hopefully you will see this in my bathroom remodel reveal post)
2. Food Chopper (I got a small one, hoping I don't regret that call!)
3. Nesco Dehydrator Trays ( LOVE my dehydrator so I NEEDED extras)
4. Oven thermometer (not super exciting)
5. SCOOBY DOO where are you! Season 3!
6. T-Fal skillet set
7. Cake pan with lid
8. Scooby doo and dynomutt
9. Smashbox Mascara
10. Not your mothers dry shampoo
11. Charcoal Face Mask

I still have money left over to get more things too! I know most people wouldn't be so excited over a kids show but what can I say, it was my childhood favorite! Most of my buys were all about the kitchen, I was inspired by the ladies that are now my in laws! For holidays no one ever expects nor asks me to bring anything and I'd like to become a better chef, part of that is having the right tools to make interesting, healthy, and tasty dishes!

We are taught from childhood that "honesty is the best policy", why does this motto change when it involves gifts? There is a difference in being intentionally cruel or being rude and in being honest. It SHOULD be okay to be honest about whether you like your gift or not, regardless you ABSOLUTELY should be thankful and polite about it!

What do you say we make this a thing?
Tell each other if the gift isn't your style or just isn't something that you need.

HOW IT WORKED OUT FOR ME: My mother in law is really thoughtful in that she keeps receipts for everyone because she wants you to like your gifts and if not get something you do like!

For me after I exchanged my gifts and the ones I wanted I took pictures of those and sent to her and thanked her! We were both happy, I know the gifts are from her and they are things that work for me (and their son LOL).

Have you exchanged gifts? Is it in secret or can you be honest with them about it?
Are you one of those people who hide gifts til the giver is on the way over, than you pull them out of that closet or attic to display proudly LOL!