Friday, January 2, 2015

New House Resolution 2015

When we bought our house we had an understanding that it was a "fixer upper". There wasn't many things that our home inspector turned up but there were MANY things that I had in mind. 

From the beginning when we bought our house I had planned on:
1. Replacing the flooring in the main areas of the house with tile (dog resistant flooring)
2. Paint or replace the wood paneling, and get rid of ALL wallpaper
3. Put in a 6' privacy fence
4. Electrical Work
5. Replace a toilet
6. Redo flooring in kitchen, laundry, and bathroom
7. Paint the inside
8. Redo countertops (bathroom and kitchen)
9. Landscape and grow a garden
10. Replace garage door opener

These are just the things I remember thinking when viewing this house off the top of my head. If you have seen the pictures of what our house looked like when we moved in than you will understand, if not here is a small preview:

 I made a New Years Resolution and this is my "New House Resolution" if you will:
 1. Plant a Garden
 2. Finish Guest Bathroom (its currently "in progress")
 3. Redo Master Bathroom to include a walk-in master
 4. Paint Bedroom, Bathrooms, Laundry Room, and Nursery
 5. Finish redoing kitchen countertops (again in progress)
 6. Replace the Kitchen Backsplash
 7. Tile Kitchen, Laundry room, Living Room, Hallway, and both bathrooms
 8. Drop the sunroom (you will see what I mean)
 9. Paper the bottom kitchen cabinets
 10. Redo laundry cabinets
 11. Install gutters and french drains (our yard turns into a mudpit this time of year)

My deal with my husband is that we will do one project a month with the exception of this month! We have a couple to do this month!

Here are a couple of my inspiration pictures: