Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Two story Tiny House Shell!


This story begins where many home stories begin, at a Home Depot! My husband Chris and I went there the other day to buy a new bathroom sink, and in the parking lot I saw a beautiful two story building that looks like a small house (pictured above).

Peak Roof
New Day

All prices include delivery & installation

The price for this shell is not exorbitant, and the size is not all that small when you consider it has two stories so any of these sizes we take the sq ft we get from the measurement given and double it, bringing the smallest one in at right around 500 sq ft and the largest in at just over 1200 sq ft!!! Since I saw this in the Home Depot parking lot I've been googling to find out more about it and came across this vlog where a man does a short interior tour of one of these!

The price listed is for the base model (without a porch, and with a different entry door) so any options like the porch etc would be more expensive, and depending on the additional cost may be better to pay to have built on once you have the home on your property (or DIY).

I think this could be a wonderful option, IF it is well built to last! I have come across some buildings built as "sheds" that really aren't well made and don't last long at all (maybe 5 years). Since this is obviously built to appeal to the tiny house movement it hopefully will be well constructed!

In the past I talked to my mom about converting a cute little cabin "shed" into a home... I did estimated on the total cost of it finished which I'll use those estimates here to give you a general idea of cost to finish this (probably on the low end since I'm frugal and my mom doesn't have high end tastes... and if she wanted granite I'd check the restore before going to a big box company!). According to my estimates, someone who is not the DIY type would spend about $15,000 to finish the house out. The cost of this finished for the biggest (and most expensive) base model would come to around $35,000 in my area on the low end! Depending on where you live and the construction on this depends on whether that is a good price or not!

You can find a link to the website here. What do ya'll think? Would you buy it?