Sunday, October 20, 2013

Clothing Clearance!


As you may know I work in retail, more specifically I work as a cashier. I see all the best deals in the store as they float down my line, waiting to be cashed out and taken home. This time of season all summer apparel is clearanced out. Where I work the apparel is now 80% off the MARKDOWN! That is huge!

I have been resisting the baby clothes for some time. I missed out on some cute clothes because of it but that is okay, do you know why? We don't have a baby! We also aren't currently pregnant! We have suffered through two miscarriages and we are ready to start a family. When my husband comes home from military training we are going to try again! I may be a little crazy, buying when I'm not even pregnant yet but I figured if we don't get pregnant and have it actually work out this time then I will just donate the baby clothes! I got them for a great price and I wouldn't feel bad giving away brand new baby clothes to a mother in need, if anything I'd be happy I could pick them up at such a low price and help... in fact I picked up boy and girl clothes so that is what we plan on doing with the gender that we don't have!

Baby Boy Clothes
The most expensive item was $1.79 and if you notice some of these come with multiple items, such as 2 shirts and socks, or a shirt and shorts!

Baby Girl Clothes
Just one picture! Surprisingly I got more baby boy clothes than girls, which is funny since I have always wanted a girl! =) Again the most expensive item was $1.79 and the dresses come with bloomers =)

IMG_6351.jpgNot the best picture... However the most expensive item was the leopard swimsuit which was $4.89. I also got the two dresses for around $3 each, white dress capri's, a shirt, the cute blue tube top which is my favorite for $1.49, a blazer and another shirt?

IMG_2256.jpgGifts for the hubby! The dress shirt was only $1.99, the shorts were $3.49 and the blue shorts are swim trunks which I picked up for $2.63

On this shopping trip I saved $391. I saved about 85% AND I got $10 back in rewards with the loyalty card! My total was $78.53 and I bought 42 items. I will be returning a couple that you didn't see pictured which will bring down both my total and the total amount saved off of retail.

Extreme savings without Extreme Hassle, Preparation, or Coupons! Don't get me wrong, I'm all for coupons, that is how I got the $10 back in points... I'm just saying its not difficult to save money. The most crucial aspect to finding good deals is to go often and go before you NEED an item. If you need something then you will pay what it costs, if you don't need it or not yet then you have the room to look for good deals on that item!

What do you think of my haul?