Sunday, August 31, 2014

Mod Podge Cabinet Drawers


As you all know I'm a HUGE fan of DIY blogs. I'm constantly linking other blogs in my own entries because I'm amazed by what some of these other women and men can do! I must admit, I'm more average than the rest; Many of my projects don't turn out nearly as good as the work done by the blogger I reference. I am 21 years old and we did just buy our first house around 6 months ago though, so we are still on the learning curve!

To be totally honest, I'm not much of a crafter. I appreciate the arts, and love participating in many, but crafting isn't my thing.. I don't like my handwriting for scrapbooks. I never spent enough time drawing so I need an image to "copy", rather than attempting to draw an original from memory, and I'm not a fan of gluing and sparkling or folding...

Many of the blogger ladies I follow are crafty, or there men are. I have been on several blogs where the blogger or their spouse actually MADE their light fixtures! That is impressive! Young House Love is the blog I'm featuring in this post. They did this:
Notice how you don't see any bubbles and everything is completely flat? Well my first time using mod podge didn't turn out quite as well:
I still won't say it was a total bust because the after picture is still better than the before! The mod podge makes the after water resistant which is great for tooth brushes. My favorite part of the after however is the fact that its new and doesn't have the old homeowners germs on it... I'm really OCD about other peoples germs when I move into a new house.

Clearly there are tips and tricks when using mod podge that I didn't get down 100%. Here are the 3 most important from my experience.
1. Do a "dry" run to make sure the wrapping paper fits EXACTLY with no excess. Cut NOW.
2. Begin in the middle and flatten out to sides to prevent bubbles or lines.
3. Put the Mod Podge on the surface of the object rather than the back of the paper and wait til the paper is dry on the surface before mod podging the front!

In the future I may redo my drawers to make them perfect without lines, but for now I prefer them to the before so its "good enough" =)