Sunday, March 29, 2015

Week 2 Challenges


So I had an epiphany, you know what would be really cool? If I had enough followers where we could do en-mass weekly challenges. Right now I'm just challenging myself, but imagine if there were other people like me who struggled with the same thing, or not necessarily struggled, but just wanted to improve. Wouldn't that be cool to have an online guide and a new thing you do every week... but maybe not? Since we are all different maybe we all should make our own weekly challenges? Anyway food for thought!

This week is a bit different because it won't start for a couple days. My original plan with the weekly challenges were that they run continuously, but life happens! I'm going out of town which was not part of the original plan, and since this week is focusing on healthy eating it is also not ideal! Rather than set myself up to fail by starting the weekly challenge now, I'm waiting until I return from my short trip! Eating healthy in a hotel is not easy!

My week two will start Wednesday. Here are my weekly goals:
#1 Drink one glass of water per day
#2 Eat salad for one meal per day
#3 throwbacks, also continue with week one challenges!

Some of you might be surprised by number three, but you know the saying: "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!". I didn't meet my goals on week one, neither task was done 7/7 days which was my original goal and intent!

Although I didn't make it and do all 7 days on both of my week one challenges I'm still happy with my first week because there was progress. My dogs don't usually get walked six days a week, and week one was good for them and me!