Wednesday, March 11, 2015

03/11/2015 Grocery Haul!


Every now and then when I get AMAZING deals I like to post my grocery haul on here, that or when I'm trying to convince myself and you that eating well on a budget is a cinch! Today was my grocery day, and lets just say I definitely went a little crazy!

My fridge and freezer are COMPLETELY full. I even had to take out the ice box and turn off the ice feature just to fit everything in! I had to rearrange the top section to make sure all of my older meats were in the front so they would be eaten before the meats I just bought! I always try to remember to do that so I don't have old freezer burnt meat hiding in the back of my freezer!

For this haul I went to 3 different stores: Knights, Kroger, and Dollar Tree.

Knights was my first stop, and the only one I planned on making. Knights is a locally owned discount grocery and fast becoming my favorite grocery store! I used to only make it to Knights on occasion, because the only one I knew about was 30 minutes away... I found one much closer, and that is the one I hit up today!
Here are the best deals I got there:
(2) Cocoa Pebbles Cereal $2/ea
(2) Fresh Jalepanoes $.50
Artisian Tomatoes Pack $.99
(2) Artisian Cherry Tomatoes Pack $.99/ea
(2) 1 lb Strawberries $1.18/ea
PICKLES .99 for a BIG ole' jar
Celery bunch $.97
(16) Chicken Cuts .99
(these are for the pictured packages!! to the right)
Asparagus $2.49/lb
Fresh Green Beans .53/lb
(15) Catfish Nuggets $1.39/lb
Boneless English Roast $6.61
Eye of Round Steak $4.46
Chuck Tender Steak $3.45
These are just the best deals, but certainly not everything I bought there. In total I spent $111.44 there!

After Knights I hit up the Dollar Tree, which is right next to Kroger in this town so I always run in Dollar Tree first! The good deals there are for their canned seafood. Vancamp oysters are $1 there, $2 most other places. I also buy canned clams there for clam chowder. Other than those two items I found some frozen blueberries and mixed berries (same brand sold in Kroger) for just $1, and I bought some spring rolls, coffee syrup, feta cheese, and evaporated milk. In total I spent $31 here, all but $4 of that was for food items with about 1/2 of it being just on stocking up on oysters!

Last but not least are my Kroger deals!
The best deal I got at Kroger by far was on cereal! I got 15 boxes of Raisin Bran Crunch for $1.49 a box, being the angel that I am I did leave a couple boxes on the shelf... but I bought 15 cause my husband loves him some Raisin Bran Crunch and I swear that boy eats like 1/2 a box a sitting!
Organic Mushrooms .99 (pictured above, King Trumpets)
(4) Ole Wrap Tortilla's $2.19/bag of 10
(2) Pineapple $1
My total at Kroger was $84.62!

All together today I spent $227! That is the majority of my grocery budget for the MONTH! I also got about 135 items which makes my total come down to $1.69 an item, which is pretty impressive considering the bulk of my haul is meat, fish, produce, and cereal and I put no extra effort into shopping, just shopped the sales and clearances!

For the rest of the month I have $50 left of grocery money. I'm planning on spending that money on milk, lettuce, peppers, and soda!