Friday, March 20, 2015

Weekly Challenges


I am kind of a flaky person, and not in the dandruff sense. I haven't really figured out who I am yet, and part of me hates pushing the status quo to find out! When I was reading other blogs I came across a journalist who did a new challenge every month, I was inspired. Trying to change for a whole month is pretty hard though, so I decided to do something a little bit different: weekly challenges! You can do ANYTHING for one week!

Starting next month I'm doing at least one challenge per week, maybe more than one if they are in different areas =)! I want to challenge myself to become better. I want to do some fitness challenges, some eating challenges, lifestyle, etc. One week at a time I want to challenge the status quo and hopefully learn and change!

Right now I don't have many challenges planned out, but I have some ideas:
1. Walk the dogs every day for a week.
2. Eat only salad for dinner everyday for a week.
3. Do week one of an ab challenge
4. Do Pilates everyday for a week.
5. Do X amount of work everyday for a week.
6. Cook dinner everyday for a week.
7. Keep the house completely clean for a week (other than doggy mud prints, can't be helped =/ )

I know some of these seem simple to some of you, or like I should already be doing it... but these are things I want to work on in my life! Being happy is something I need to work on in my life, not that I'm depressed but I have a ways to go still =)

Any of you thinking of trying short term challenges? My goal with this is to give me confidence and strengthen my will power so I can turn the ones I choose into long term changes!