Monday, March 9, 2015

Our Dogs got BLING!


I have been volunteering with a rescue in my area for about a year now. In that time I have had 4 foster dogs. Our second foster, Annie, was a puppy and had a MUCH nicer collar than my Nina-Bina! As soon as I actually noticed Annie's nice leather studded collar I thought of Nina's... I am actually embarrassed to say I don't think Nina has gotten a new collar (or had her collar washed) for 4 years!
My dogs both had regular nylon dog collars. Nina's at least was colorful, but it was red which made people think she was a he. Shadow just had a black collar, on a all black dog. For their new collars I opted to go with a leather like material. Nina got two, since I couldn't decide which one I wanted for her and figured they might not last as long (different material and low price). Pictured below are Nina's 2 collars (still waiting for the pink one to arrive), and Shadow's collar.

If your interested in any, they are all sold on Amazon. You can drag and drop the images to google to go directly to the page to buy them.

Here are pictures of them on my dogs... not the best pictures, cause Nina has a double chin and Shadow wasn't cooperating! Since those two aren't great I'm throwing in a freebie of my dogs looking adorable together!

What did I pay for the collars?
Nina's Blue: $10.50
Nina's Pink: $4.87
Shadow's: $9.90

I spent about $25 for 3 collars! A collar like Shadow's would cost much more than that all by itself, but what is the quality of these like?

So far I'm not seeing ANY issues with Nina's blue collar. It looks super cute on her, although the rhinestone bow makes it a little heavy so I wouldn't recommend it for super small dogs!

Shadow's collar, on the other hand, is already showing wear (one week of having it). He wears it 24/7 and does scratch... and is scratching the red right off the collar! It is super cute but probably not the best choice for a everyday collar. I might have gotten a defective one, but there wasn't a way to contact the seller directly about it... still for $10 it isn't worth returning. It is attractive, and might make a great choice if the dog rarely scratches.

What do ya'll think?

Edit: Got Nina's pink collar in and I'm less than pleased. The bow is much smaller than it appears and not a vibrant pink at all. Still for the money I can't complain too much, but don't expect too much if you decide to buy it!