Monday, March 9, 2015

No more Chickens


The title says it all with this new blog entry. We have said goodbye to our chickens, although I will miss Snowball and Sparrow they needed to go. Our precious wolf-dog, Shadow, finally got into their tractor and killed one of the chicks! Until we have a better layout/chicken area I'd rather not risk it!
As a final good-bye I thought I would post a picture of the silkies snow day, taken a few days before they found a new home!

As a former regular BYC member and contributor I feel like I lost an online forum of similar minded people! I just went on today to post that I no longer had chickens, and unsubscribe from most of my forums there.

In the future after we move I am hoping to once again have chickens & ducks! I'm just waiting for circumstances where I can have them and they will be safer (Shadow cough cough)!