Thursday, April 9, 2015

Week 2 Challenge Results

This week was a huge bust. The only thing I managed to do 100% everyday was my water. There is a reason this week was a bust though, more than that I just didn't feel like doing any of it.... I'm pregnant! I'll write more about that in a follow up post but just so you know the fatigue is kicking my ass! I literally am so zapped I have a hard time doing most anything half the time!

Just to recap, here were my goals this week:
#1 Drink one glass of water per day
#2 Eat salad for one meal per day
#3 throwbacks, also continue with week one challenges!
      The throwbacks were walking the dogs daily and chores daily

I did #1, but #2 we probably only did 4/7 days. 4/7 days is still a huge improvement to having salad once or twice a week, but our goal was kind of a light cleanse. #3 was the one I did horrid on, my poor dogs haven't been walked in days and my house needs some cleaning!

Now that this week is over it is time for a new week challenge, one that hopefully I pull through and do all of my challenges ALL the time!