Wednesday, March 18, 2015

SNAP Challenger Shout Out


This post is way past due but during my S.N.A.P challenge I was perusing some other blog entries and decided that after I had finished my challenge I would highlight some other challengers! Here goes!

Lessons Learned from the Flock was one of my favorite reads on this subject. I think she was fair on the subject, not overly bias for either side of the issue. Some of the things I loved about her challenge is she didn't go crazy with coupons, she ate healthy, and she shopped smart. Everyday she posted what she had for meals that day (and maybe even how to cook them!). From the posts I read it looks like she ate healthy, and the food looked pretty good!
On her last day she projects whether she could keep going on the budget allotted to her based on the S.N.A.P challenge, and estimated she could and would in fact have a surplus with which to buy the staples when she ran out or spices, treats, etc! As I said, this lady is not bias. She took and passed the challenge, but she didn't gloat and say food stamp amounts are too high or just right. Her position was that it is POSSIBLE to eat healthy buying all your groceries on food stamps, but you pretty much need to know how to cook! I agree with that as someone who doesn't know how to cook many meals!

FoodSafetyNews has a food stamp challenge article I also found intriguing. The author Suzanne decided to take a new challenge every month, something I very much admire actually! Her goals for the SNAP challenge were listed as
  1. To gain a better appreciation for how difficult it is to eat healthfully on a very restrictive budget.
  2. To determine whether the diet I ate during the month would provide the daily recommended intake of nutrients, vitamins and minerals on what some have deemed to be a less-than-adequate budget.
She did a much better job than me I think at both eating healthy and tracking what she ate (like most other bloggers). While she was more sympathetic to the recipients hinting that food stamp amounts might be inadequate she did state that she did think that is was doable with a bit of effort and if you have a vehicle. 

Freedomworks is my last feature, and at the beginning of the article probably my least favorite. This one seems very scornful to me, and while the scorn is directed at Donald Payne, the Democratic Party, and some other member of Congress, it still starts off as a harsher read. Once you get past the abruptness of the intro you get down to her grocery list, and then you have to give props to the woman! Her grocery list was pretty healthy, if I was going to nitpick I would say there was probably TO much meat in there, but since most people say they are poor and can't afford meat she is once again disproving chatter! As originally displeased as I was at the beginning of the article I was very impressed by the end. This is a woman I want in congress, someone who can manage a budget!