Thursday, October 31, 2013

Focusing on the Frugal


If your a frequent reader of my blog, or even if you have only read a few posts you may have noticed a common motif: frugality. Although I blog on frugality I don't want to be known or thought of as cheap, stingy, or a penny pincher. I simply think that frugality is a wise choice, as a wise man once said "its not about what you earn, but how much you keep".

Being cheap to me implies people who buy things based almost solely on price. These are the people who have things they don't need or want but they got it because it was cheap. They also won't buy things that aren't cheap even if it means they or their family do without or have a pretty much uncomparable alternative.

The names stingy or Penny pincher bring to mind someone similar to scrooge. They generally have the money but won't spend it regardless. Think of the people at yard sales who see something comment about how its a good price then take it up and haggle for a yet lower price... or better yet, think of people who are very rude at the checkout line when the cashier inquires if they want to donate to March of Dimes, St. Jude's, Children's Hospital, etc. I'm not saying you have to say yes, but I categorize the people who respond rudely about it as stingy.

Being frugal is part of who I am. I wasn't quiet poor growing up, bills were always paid, and we never had to worry about having enough to eat or a place to live. Although we weren't poor we most certainly weren't rich. We didn't get the expensive clothes, cell phones, spending money, etc. My mom was always very frugal and it rubbed off, and its not a bad thing.

Being Frugal isn't about doing without, its about waiting for sales, looking for discounts, and considering comparable options. I won't claim there is nothing I do without. I have price points of what I will pay for certain things and what I won't... however my Christmas list is pretty small because honestly I have everything I need. I have an amazing husband, two loyal pooches, and I'm pretty content.

I blog about frugal finds because I hope it rubs off on people like my mom did on me! I think so many people use up so much money that they could have used better elsewhere. Me being frugal and living under our means allows us to save for a house of our own. It gives us security knowing there is extra money we can put aside for savings. It's a beautiful thing!