Saturday, November 2, 2013

Concious Box - FREE COUPON CODE!


Your probably wondering why I titled this blog post Concious Box, unless of course you already know what it is or did a quick google search before deciding to read this post (or found it using a google search =) ). Concious Box is a subscription service that sends its subscribers samples of various environmentally friendly products, that are non toxic, BPA and GMO free, and there is a vegan and gluten free box option!

This is post one of two because this post is just to introduce and explain the conscious box while my next post on the subject matter will be a review (once I receive my box). I have never really heard much of a grab box type subscription but apparently its a thing. With a quick google search I came across many subscription sites that offer to send monthly boxes containing surprise items following a certain theme. Barkbox for example sends out dog products monthly for a $29 a month subscription fee.

When considering purchasing a product I like to first read the reviews. On Conscious box they seem to be stacked from most favorable to least... not kidding! I found a few bad reviews... at the VERY bottom of the page. The main complaint is the products included in the conscious box are samples you could get for FREE at healthier food/ organic stores. Another complaint was that so many of the items were "sample" size and they didn't feel that sample was enough to determine the value of the product or if it worked well. There were also many glowing reviews praising the fact they are able to find and try quality products through this subscription service.

As promised in the title I do have a free coupon code for you, which is the reason I'm trying it. On my personal facebook I have liked a few different eco friendly pages and one shared this coupon code with me and I'm now passing it on. The code is simply onefree or follow this link and its already inputted for you.

If you try it I hope you like it but I'm not making any promises because I haven't tried it yet. I have no idea if its a good buy or not, but with the coupon its only $8 for shipping to try. There should be between 10-20 products in the box and I read it will be mostly samples with a couple full sized products and some coupons. Fingers crossed its a great service and if you have tried it or another similar service comment below and let me know!