Thursday, October 31, 2013

Loving Lingerie


I'm sure I have men reading my blog and this blog post might throw you for a loop, however as women readers know lingerie can be expensive. The most well known lingerie stores are probably Victoria's Secret and Fredricks of Hollywood. My last trip to the mall included a stop at Victoria's secret where I purchased a bra and three panties, however after making those purchases I found MUCH better deals on equally cute merchandise in another store.

Rainbow is a women's clothing store with boutiques in some malls. I love them for their great clearance specials. You can get really cute clothes in here for super cheap. I found some ultra comfortable black jeggings in here for $5. They are made of some kind of a cloth material which makes them so comfortable but they wear like jeans. I have to say jeggings are one of the best inventions ever.... anyway off topic...

Last week while shopping with my mom we went in there to see what they had. Next to some priced down leggings they also had a matching lingerie set on clearance: $2 for the bra and $1 for the thong. I'll admit I was a little skeptical. I make it a point not to spend much money on bottoms because our dogs enjoy to eat them every chance they get, especially new expensive ones! I know, I know, it may be a little TMI but its a natural, expensive, and pevish dog behavior I haven't been able to completely break yet. My dogs don't eat my bra's however so its a different story for them..

Well for $3 for a matching set I decided I had nothing to lose but I was curious what other lingerie they had. If I liked the set then I might decide to buy more full priced here in the future. It turns out even full price is really cheap here. The bra's are $7 and the matching panties $3. $10 for a set full price! I bought 2 additional bra's on sale 2/10 then two clearance panties that were only $1 each since I wasn't a fan of the matching choice (and I'm sure I have matching =) ).

I have already worn everything pictured except the purple thong and I don't really notice a difference in quality or comfort comparing these items to the items I bought from Victoria's Secret the same day. I was debating picturing those too, but I decided against it and will blog about my reasons in my next blog.

Anyway what are your thoughts on the subject? To personal, not a fan, or your a total discount diva?