Sunday, October 27, 2013

Making my rental feel like home: Decorating


Let me preface by explaining a little bit about myself. I am twenty years old, married to an incredible guy who is currently in the military at tech school, and I have lived with him for two years. Growing up I rarely had chores, the men did all the building/construction stuff, and the only DIY project I tried (staining some cabinets) was a total fail.

Since moving out on my own only recently have I bought picture frames and only within the last month have I EVER put anything on the walls! With the rentals we have lived in, first apartments and now a privately owned townhouse we have never been allowed to paint or customize anything. One of the aspects I'm most looking forward to of home ownership is remodeling, I want to make the house we buy ours in every sense!

For now we are renting and that means restrictions. A piece of advice, if your rental lease doesn't mention painting then don't ask just paint! I learned that with this rental! Although we can't paint or refinish the cabinets etc here we can still put our touch on things. Decorating is what makes a house a home, the look, the smell, and the feeling you get when you walk in the door... and for us the animals =)

IMG_0486.jpgI hardly think of myself as a decorating pro, although I must admit I'm rather pleased with my .10 place setting and $3 centerpiece. (Shown on the Right) Since we don't really have room for a dining set in our rental we eat at the bar and I scooped up the barstools for $25 each at a yard sale, they came with a table that's outside pending me posting it to freecycle tonight!

Another find that adds to my house was a brand new $50 headboard and footboard that I just put together today... unfortunately the railings that came with it were the wrong size so I will have to buy new ones, still for $50 I ain't mad =)

In addition to being able to view my new headboard you can also see the picture above it which I picked up for just $5 at biglots, the frame on the nightstand was only $1 and the lamp was probably expensive because it was a gift from my husband aunt =) You can also see two candles that are only $1 each. I'm hoping for new bedding for Christmas =)


Now to explain these photos/costs. 
The first elephant picture is also in our room it was a steal at Big Lots for only $2. 
The Life is Beautiful wall decal was only $1 at the dollarstore and its positioned above our computer desk.
The Family Frame was only $3.74 on clearance at Walgreens and I paid .15 cents there to have the pictures printed, I could have got them full size for 2.78 each but I left the white border and saved money! 
The pumpkin candle holder was less than $2 and I got 2, they were purchased from Bath and Body works.
The picture shown in the last picture is a dollar store find and super cute although you can barely see it. The main new thing here is the window treatments which match my sofa and tie the room together while offering additional privacy. I paid under $30 for the draperies and the curtain rod. I have a 59' by 59' window and I got 40' by 64' curtains and an extendable cheap rod! 
The last two pictures in my kitchen were only .25 at a yard sale. I love the apple!

I know it doesn't seem like much but it has made a difference. This is our temporary home, but for now it is home and hanging things on the wall has given me confidence and a warm feeling. I know it sounds corny but hanging things up and personalizing this space does make it feel more like home.

What do ya'll think, sound off in the comments section!