Saturday, October 12, 2013

Government Shutdown, whose to blame and how will it effect us?


Politics, not my favorite thing and not my area of expertise. I find politics interesting and aggravating. I feel like America would be much better if it was our friends, our neighbors, and the people like us with our interests at heart running the government rather than the wealthy elite.

Since 1977 there have been 17 government shutdowns. The government "shuts down" when congress can't agree and pass a spending budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Without a spending plan in place it is a felony for agencies to spend unauthorized tax payer money. Although government shut downs are generally resolved within 3 days, the longest government shutdown in the history of our country was 21 days in 1995.

Between celebrity gossip and personal drama many citizens today don't actively participate in politics. I can't blame them, after all I am one of them. Our "free" country where everyone can be what they want to be has blocked out the average joe from politics. If your not wealthy, don't have a lot of contacts, and aren't affiliated with either the Republicans or the Democrats you don't stand a chance at getting into office!

With only two major parties in our political system we only have two parties to blame. I have seen many people who are blaming the Republicans for the government shutdown. They aren't passing bills that fund Obamacare, I for one applaud that. The majority of AMERICANS don't want Obamacare. In several articles I have read Obamacare is said to have raised the cost of health insurance, or is a "tax on the young and healthy". Using myself as an example (and I'm not particularly healthy), I go to the doctor about once a year, if that. My last doctors visit was $300. For health insurance I could pay $300 a month! It doesn't make sense for people like me to have insurance when it costs us so much. Not to mention the government currently spends BILLIONS of dollars in medicare/medicaid on people with NO life expectancy, yes I learned this in my college Econ class!

As an American Citizen I think our politicians should be concerned with what we want and how we feel about the issues. When the majority of the public doesn't want a bill passed it then it almost never should be. The only exceptions I can see are in the case of protecting animals from extinction, abuse, etc (as with the wolves in some areas), and environmental issues.

I personally think it is the Democrats to blame. The Republicans have offered bills for the budget that defunded Obamacare and Obama has said he won't pass a bill that doesn't fund his "Obamacare", then turns around and says he is "open to negotiations" and that the Republicans are "holding America hostage". The majority of Americans don't want Obamacare, its not just the Republicans its the nation!

The government shutdown is already effecting the economy, we just can't see it yet. The furlough means people aren't getting paid. When people aren't getting paid then they aren't spending money. When people don't spend money then jobs cut hours or lay off employees. Do you all see the picture now? While the shutdown isn't effecting us as a whole yet it is effecting our neighbors and its just a matter of time before it spreads to us, like a sickeness!

What are your thoughts on the shutdown?