Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Parental Kidnapping? #MissionKady


This is a totally different entry from what I usually do but it's one I feel compelled to do. On facebook today I stumbled across a picture of a man holding a sign telling his daughter how much he loves her. I read on.
His side of the story is that he is ex military, who married a German national while stationed in Germany, they had a daughter and later divorced. After their divorce the mother refused to let him see his daughter, despite a German court order giving him visitation. She apparently remarried another US soldier and now lives in North Carolina, her husband being stationed at Fort Bragg there. He has fought for custody of his daughter here, making trips from Illinois to NC just to have her push back the court dates after he gets there.

This is only one side of the story... I don't personally know either parent but I do know that Steve Wilco was asked to run the story and from what Jason posted he reached out to Jason to feature him and his ex wife in an episode.

I don't watch Steve Wilco regularly but I've seen the show and I really hope that both he and his ex wife are on it.

From this side of the story it 100% sounds like parental kidnapping. It's sad that in the world today we see a lot of people growing up without mothers and fathers, growing up with men who believe they are their fathers and turn out to not really be, and then we have parents keeping their child away from the other parent in an attempt to hurt the other person.

I guess I'm really posting this because things aren't right in the world today. If your a parent than you are LUCKY. This man seems to know that, go to his facebook page and you will see how much he loves her. If you, like me, believe his story than PLEASE share!