Saturday, February 7, 2015

My Cheap Chicken Tractor


So, this is not going to be a how to post to explain how I did this because I didn't. I intended too, but hubby took over. If I did it it would be prettier but he made it and its 100% functional so that is good enough! In the future I think we should work as a team more on these projects though....

Anyway here it is:

Now this is NOT predator proof, but where we live there are NO predators other than my dog, and he recognizes that its a Shadow Free Zone! This is also NOT perfect... You can see gaps in it, but we will just say that is for added ventilization ;) If it proves to be an issue I can always put a board in back to seal it up around the top!!

How did we build this for under $25? Easy
Cull lumber (for frame) 4 for $2
Clearance Chicken Wire 2 rolls for $8
Wood for coop leftover from other projects (and we deconstructed the rabbit house for wood since my beloved bella passed away in December)
Hinge $2
Tires $10

The coop is probably less than 20 lbs, which if you have predators in your area could be a problem, but if your like me and don't than its awesome because even a child could move them around!

This tractor is SMALL! I wouldn't keep more than 2 birds in it, 3 bantams would be possible but I wouldn't do it because I like mine to have more room. 

This tractor is ideal for:
1. Chicks
2. Broody Hen
3. Mama Hen with Chicks
4. Sick Birds
5. A couple bantams
The black and white chicken shown is a hamburg, she is of laying age which means she shouldn't get bigger, this run is okay for a couple birds around her size full grown as a permanent housing option!

Since the run part is fairly small I expect to move this every day or every other day.