Friday, February 20, 2015

Our Newest Additions


Two days ago we got two new additions to our family, puppies. We have two black male part chocolate lab week old puppies, their mom died sometime after childbirth so the owner called our rescue. Amazingly of the seven puppies all of them were males!

Taking care of bottle baby puppies is a LOT of work... especially when one of them has an issue. These babies have to be fed many times a day, as well as helped to go potty and sometimes burped. While I sometimes hate not working at the moment I am happy that I'm home so I can take care of them!

If anyone reading this is interested in adoption these guys will be available around April and the rescue they are at is RockCityRescue!

If ya'll are interested in fostering than there is a HUGE need pretty much everywhere! Just contact your local animal shelter and they can point you in the right direction! Fostering is just taking care of an animal until a permanent home can be found, and some rescues also use temp fosters, where you can just take in animals for a couple days til another foster can be found!