Saturday, February 7, 2015

Snap Grocery Haul Week 2


So this grocery haul was small! Last time I got extra's, this time I just got some real basic items.

Above is part of my haul (the baked beans and apples aren't part of this weeks though). My whole haul was only 14 items and consists of 4 1/2 gallons of milk currently 3/$5 making them cheaper than buying a whole gallon. A few organic bananas, 2 heads of lettuce (romaine and leafy green), 2 things of raspberries, a thing of blueberries, salad shrimp, a $1 small pack of baby ruths, and some cupcake wine for Valentine's Day. Without tax my total is 33.20, without the wine (which we reserve for special occasions) it would have been just $24.20!

In one of my past blog posts I discussed the price of bagged lettuce versus loose. Let me just say, loose wins hands down! I almost picked up some bagged lettuce this trip on clearance for $1.59. My lettuce costs just $1.01 and $1.27, and when I shred it produces MUCH more than that bag full! Another bonus to it being whole is that it can be used easier on sandwiches or even as "bread".

I know many of you are thinking, but you didn't get enough food to last you a week! When I pair the milk with the cereal I bought last week (and still have), use the lettuce for salads (along with the shrimp, some boiled eggs, and grape tomatoes from last week), then I have breakfast and dinner for the week without even considering any other foods I still have from last week or just sitting in my cupboards. Given I only should consume 1200 calories per day doing breakfast, snack, than dinner will probably reach my caloric intake goal... and since my snacks are fruit its also healthy!

Starting tomorrow I'm going to try to remember to track my food intake!