Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Yard Sale Finds: BABY


Being pregnant now yard sales are my jam! I'm trying to get all the baby essentials for under $1,000 which means buying smart. When we are dealing with a baby buying smart also means buying SOME things used! There are some things that should NOT be bought used my personal list looks like this:
Baby Items to NOT buy Used:
1. Older cribs (safety standards have changed a lot in years)
2. Car Seats (even a minor fender bender can compromise the seat)
3. Bath toys (can contain mold)
4. Painted toys (can be lead paint, so if you want it repaint with a safe paint)
5. Anything that is not able to be washed/cleaned
6. Older bottles, plastic wear etc (may not be BPA free)
7. Breast Pump/ Equipment (AIDS Risk, I wouldn't chance it)

So far I have bought all of my baby stuff either on clearance or from a yard sale/online yard sale. Here are some of my yard sale baby finds:
Maternity Clothes $1/each  (dresses and shirts)
Hoodie Towels .25-.50
Receiving blankets .50
Bath Sets NEW $3/each
Sleep Sack NEW $1
Footie outfits .50
Bibs .50
Tommee Tippee Bottles NEW $12
Bouncer NEW $10
Rug $8
Crib $60
Antique Rocker $30

Total so far I think I have spent about $100. I'm not including the cost of maternity clothes in the baby budget, nor is the cost of the antique rocker being included since it is being gifted. My memaw offered to buy me one and I fell in love with this one and wanted it (I also wanted it reupholstered), she said she will reimburse the cost and pay for it do be reupholstered in the fabric of my choice!

I'm excited for more yard sale finds in the future! Babies grow so fast! You all can be excited for more posts!