Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bargain Beauty Must Have: Celestial Body Wax Strips


This product is actually a dollar store find! Anytime I'm in the dollar tree I look over the makeup section because as many of you know many name brand makeup brands will end up in the dollar tree either because they were discontinued or various other reasons.

I'm not the kind of girl who likes to let my eyebrows go crazy. When I worked I liked to go to a place close to my work to get them threaded... but now I stay at home so them getting threaded or waxed is rare, so I wanted something that was an easy way to clean up my eyebrows that was fast and produced great results... I found this! One of the best parts is it didn't even hurt!

This isn't the best eyebrow picture, because I always open one eye more than the other when I smile (at least for pictures), I don't know why. The picture on the left is of me though and should give you a general ideal of the fact that I like my eyebrows neat and shaped, see the arches?

The Celestial Body Wax strips did give me minor irritation on one side, causing bumps the first time I used it. I don't think that makes it a bad product at all though because I've also gotten irritation bumps from both threading and waxing at salons.

I think this product is a beauty must have because it works so fast, if you don't have the time or money to go to a salon this is perfect to clean up your brows, or mustache or whatever you ladies have going on... no judgement!

The package says your getting 6 wax strips but the strips are stuck together so there are 3 peel apart plastics that equal six plastic slides with wax on them. I use them 2 at a time as I don't feel you can just save the other side of the peel apart.

If you can find these at the dollar store 3/$1 is not bad! This can completely replace paying to have eyebrows done, after you have had them shaped! In my area having your eyebrows done is $8 and up. Since you probably need them done every two weeks that is $16 a month, not horrible but with these you could save $15 and only go to the salon when you need them shaped!

If you can find these BUY them. Even if you don't intend to use them it is nice to have if you don't have time to go to a salon, you don't want nasty bushy eyebrows, a unibrow or a mustache!

How To Use:
1. Open Strips
2. Cut into shapes you need I like to use smaller pieces in order to shape properly and make sure I don't take too much off, that would be BAD
3. Put the wax strip in the area you want to remove hair and rub the strip WITH the hair for several seconds this heats up the wax and makes it active
4. Rip the wax strip against the hair quickly so for clarification you are ripping the opposite way you were rubbing to apply the wax, you also need to do it fast or the hair can come out of the wax and it isn't as effective!
5. Clean your face I personally use face wipes, this step just should remove any residue
6. Put Vitamin E on a cotton ball and apply to any irritated areas you could also use Aloe Vera!

I did not start this blog to be a beauty blog. I will happily admit that I am a minimalist. I'm super lucky that my hair usually looks great when I roll out of bed and I wear it down a LOT so I don't have to mess with it. I normally wear the same makeup and do a easy smokey eye and spend about 5-10 minutes on makeup, when I wear it. I think most if not all of us like looking good though so I will be doing Bargain Beauty blog posts on here to let ya'll know of beauty products I love at prices we can all love, as well as reviewing the more expensive organic, chemical free, good for you more expensive beauty products!