Saturday, May 30, 2015

Seventh Generation Mandarin Body wash Review


I love to review products, especially ones that are more environmentally friendly and contain less harmful chemicals (and lets be honest, almost everything today contains SOME chemicals). I used to not be AT all a brand snob, but after finding out what is in some brands I'm definitely becoming more and more picky about what I buy. Seventh Generation is one brand I like due to it's eco friendliness, the fact it doesn't test on animals, and its rating on ewg's skindeep database that measures harmful chemicals in products!

For over a year I have been slowly trying to switch the products we use, to pick better products for ourselves and the environment, so when I found 7th generation body wash on clearance for just $2.00 how could I not pick it up? I picked up several at that price, not wanting to love it and "miss out" on additional savings by waiting to try it and buy the rest full price... Sometimes the strategy to buy a lot on clearance pays off, and sometimes your stuck with a product you intended to love but just fell short.

I love this body wash in the ways I love all 7th generation products. As far as a body wash goes, the consistency is right and I do feel clean afterwards... but with the scent I feel clean like a counter. 7th generation started out as a household cleaning supplies company, in fact I believe the personal care items were added pretty recently. The problem I'm having with this scent is that it is one that is more appropriate for a cleaning supply item than a personal hygiene item. I was reading Amazon reviews and here is the one that sums it up my thoughts on this perfectly:
The only drawback? The GF doesn't like the scent of the natural ingredients in this Mandarin version, which are very similar to the scent of 7th Generation's bathroom cleaning products. She found "smells like when I clean the shower" to be off-putting, or at least not pleasantly soothing in the shower. In hindsight, I should have picked peppermint or lavender instead of mandarin.- Omar Siddique

The picture above is one of the Seventh Generation Line, notice the lack of personal care products? What I want to point out even more are the scents in these products: Lavender, Mandarin, Chamomile, and Peppermint. The scents used are the same across the board, and while I'm hoping to like the Lavender scented body washes I picked up better I really hope Seventh Generation comes up with some scents exclusive to their personal care line!

Overall: Recommend the product but not this scent!