Friday, June 12, 2015

Building a Cloth Diaper Stash on a Budget


As many of you know I'm pregnant with our first child. I'm hoping to get all the basics that we will need for our baby for under $1,000, including our cloth diaper stash. I have already spent $125/$1,000 and I still have many things to buy and $875 left.

For my cloth diaper stash I'm planning to spend no more than $300. I'll be buying some newborn diapers but the majority of my stash will be one sized diapers, that may not fit at birth but should fit until the baby is potty trained.

The most economical diapers are flats and prefolds with covers. They are cheapest because you can use just one cover for multiple diaper changes, and the flats can be from around $1 each to $3... the more expensive being organic. The covers I am looking at these are Thirsties, Kawaii, and Rumparoos and Alva Babies. The covers range in price from around $6-$16 depending on design and brand.

Pocket diapers are another option I'm looking at. There are two pocket diapers I'm looking at for my budget Alva's, and Eco's. These are both "china cheapies" which some people have an aversion to (despite shopping at walmart). These do have mixed reviews but the ones I have read have been overwhelmingly positive, and at $6 a pop I can buy 4 of these for the cost of one of the preferred brands. Pockets do require inserts, which can be $2 to $8/each.

I plan on having a stash that includes 20-30 diapers so as to not have to do laundry every single day.

If I went exclusively with flats and covers I could do my whole stash for $200 or less.
If I go exclusively with pockets and inserts my total looks like it will be $300 or less.

Both of those figures assume that I purchase my whole stash myself, meaning none are gifted. These figures are also retail so don't count any savings I might get buying used or by buying in a bundle, on sale, or through a co-op!

Now for the cloth cuteness:


I can not wait to buy my cloth stash so I have gone and pretty much picked out almost exactly everything I plan to buy and my total so far is right around $250. I'm still not positive if it will be more or less, as I'm still waiting for gender and I am not planning to buy my whole stash before the baby shower... that way we might get some gifted. I'm also not sure if I will use sposies at first or buy newborn cloth.