Monday, June 29, 2015

Bargain Beauty Find: Nose Strips

This find doesn't get rated as a must have, because not everyone suffers from this problem. This find is for those of you who suffer from blackheads: Epielle blackhead remover strips!

These are my go to nose strips when my pores are looking bad. I originally used Biore but for almost a dollar a strip and questionable results I decided to try a cheaper option. For me Epielle has worked just as well as Biore if not better and the strips are 1/3 the price!

If you haven't used strips before then here is what to do and what to expect.
To use them simply wet your nose then apply the strip, I start at the bridge then work down the sides to avoid bubbles. When the strip is TOTALLY dry (read hard) then you quickly rip it off, I find it most effective to pull from both sides towards the middle!
You should expect there to be some "junk" left on your nose. I always wash my face/nose after using to clean up any leftover residue. You should see blackheads on the pulled off strip. I have NEVER had my nose bleed or skin pulled off from this though!

Despite these being nose strips they can be cut and applied to other areas if you have blackheads elsewhere.

For the price these can't be beat, and are a great way to get a deep clean of your pores and clean out any gunk trapped in them! I'm planning to use these with the Pixor brush for optimal results!

This is NOT a sponsored post, above are MY opinions and recommendations these are not bought and paid for!