Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bargain Beauty MUST have: For men and women PIXOR


This is my 3rd bargain beauty must have post, and I'm on a roll. Honestly I just want to blog about the bargain beauty products on my mind so I can share them and NOT forget to since I think these are products any woman should have and some are for both men and women!

This product is called Pixnor and is a massaging facial cleansing machine with multiple heads similar to Clairisonic. The pictures below show the expensive $149 clairisonic, and then the Pixnor that costs just $12.99 on amazon.

As you can see from the image above for just $13 the Pixnor includes 7 different heads depending on your needs/goal. Here is an explanation of what each one is for from Pixnor:

7 Different rotating heads provide spa quality deep cleaning and gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells to reveal a radiant, youthful skin 
1.Exfoliating Head:Use with your facial cleanser to deep clean and gently exfoliate 
2.Latex soft sponge:Massages under eyes and cheeks to improve circulation and skin elasticity 
3.Make-up sponge:Massages and cleans your skin 
4.Rolling massager:Stimulates blood circulation to stimulate collagen production and reduce fine lines (for anti-aging) 
5.Short soft brush:Gently brushes away residue from exfoliation 
6.Long ultra-fine brush:To better clear up and exfoliate skin 
7.Pumice:Gently removes rough callused skin on feet and elbows

I bought this due to the reviews on amazon. This product has almost 900 reviews and over 800 of them are positive. The product also gets 4.5 stars from the 887 who provided feedback. I chose to compare this product to the much more expensive clairisonic because one reviewer has both and said this one is better!

The Pixnor has 2 speeds and is more than just for your face. It can be used for rough body areas like elbows or even your feet when you switch to the exfoliating brush. I have only used two of the brushes so far but I'm really happy with it, massaging the skin is great for circulation and this is great to exfoliate pores!

Since I have listed the good I also feel compelled to list my complaints:
1. Runs on Batteries- not a huge deal, as you can find these at the dollar store, but I'd prefer it be able to be plugged in
2. You CAN'T buy replaceable heads- so if you need a new head you need a whole new system.. on the plus side the old one can still be used for other purposes with the remaining heads or given to someone who uses other heads than you do

Bottom Line: Acne is not cute on ANYBODY, and it is something both men and women complain about. I haven't had this product for a super long time but I'm already in love with it and the reviews on amazon speak for themselves, this works guys!