Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Kohls Cash and Kmart/Sears Rewards Program


A couple of weeks ago my mother in law gave me $10 Kohl's cash she had but wasn't going to be able to redeem prior to it expiring. If you have Kohl's cash you can't use trust me someone else can so please do what she did and give it to a friend/coworker etc.

If you shop at Kohl's you know they always have a clearance section where something can be snagged for under $10, and if you can't find anything for yourself you can always buy something as a gift for someone, or donate a new piece of clothing to a woman's shelter, homeless shelter, or foster child! Another great use of $10 Kohl's cash are the books and stuffed animals by the front door, from the "If you give a Mouse a Cookie" line of books, which are again great for gifts or donations!

I personally managed to snag a cute shirt and some workout shorts for just .09 out of pocket. My total saved on these two items was a whooping $65.92! Being pregnant I really needed some new shorts, with my expanding waistline and the still hot temperatures, so getting new ones along with a shirt that will work great during my pregnancy and after for just one dime was AWESOME! Seriously DO NOT waste the Kohl's cash!

Item# 070W004172339001
Description: Two-Inch Coffee-Color Embossed Vinyl Blinds

UPC: 044294115729

Sold by: Kmart

Return Policy

Tracking Number: 1Z4E1Y0379003075


Merchandise Subtotal$37.98
Shipping ChargeFREE
Total Due:35.68
Total for SYWR ending in ************16.53
Total for Master Card ending in ************                                                                                                                                 19.15

The other store rewards program I wanted to mention is SYWR, the rewards program for Kmart and Sears. As you can see above I saved $16.53 with this program, $15 was surprise reward points! I was elated to get $15 off FREE, I don't shop at Kmart or Sears often so I didn't spend $1,500 to earn it nor shop certain sections of the store to earn the reward points they just will give out the surprise points at random!
The order above is my order, but I have redacted some info since this post is public, as you can see I only paid $19.15 for 2 Bali Faux Wood Blinds. Kmart had the best price on the blinds at $18.99 each and with the rewards program I pretty much paid for just one of them!

I used to work at Kmart and saw one lady with over $100 in Rewards Points since she and her husband had just bought appliances at Sears. The rewards program is worth it, and it is completely free to sign up for!