Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Baby and Dirt Cheap Buys


I recently did a blog post about a store that is new near me, Dirt Cheap. Since I went there recently and purchased a few things I thought I'd share my good finds with ya'll.

I recently bought 9 things from Dirt Cheap, my most exciting finds of those were bra's at $1 each (including champion sports bra's, and nursing from Target), new girls leggings from Target, and a nursing cami. I spent a total of $12.05 for 9 items and unfortunately 2 of the nursing garments I bought are going to be too small. I'm reselling the items that turned out to be to small for me for $20 which covers my whole trip then some!

My baby buys were found via facebook in a community online yard sale group. My mom promised she would buy a stroller for our baby virtually the day we found out we were pregnant. I'm sure ya'll know but we have two dogs, so I wanted to see if there was one that was better for using along with dogs, I found jogging strollers recommended. The BOB stroller is one of the nicer jogging strollers, but it comes with a price tag starting out in the $300 range and goes up from there!

I found the Baby Trend Expedition recommended and it was right around $100! If you have read my blog you know I'm thrifty. $100 for a stroller seems like quite a bit of money to me, even if it isn't my own! I scoured online for a sale or a second hand one and just when I was going to give up I found one for $40! A lady in my group was selling various baby items and she had the stroller and a bumbo. She was asking $10 for the bumbo but I asked her if she would do $45 for both, and viola I got both!

I thought the stroller was almost brand new; You can see in the picture above that the tires are in mint condition and not worn at all! The bumbo is also in amazing shape... turns out these things are 7 years old!! I'm not mad though, they are like new and best of all I saved $95 off retail!

The last new baby buy is something I purchased off Amazon today. It popped up and I couldn't resist, especially since it was 75% off! I have loved the little turtle crochet outfit since I first saw it on pinterest and for under $5 how could I say no!?